"I am looking for a body, among bodies. I befriend a handsome boy and ask to take his picture. Most of the time a fragment of him fills the frame, and I have deconstructed him. Despite all of the viscera and physicality of him (all of the hims), the photographs I’ve made are of a body nearly entirely encoded, symbolic and writ—large, inverted or in collisions of multiple tongues. I arrange the pieces discursively. I cruise. I maneuver between “no fats” and “no femmes,” carefully handle his (all of them his) insecurities and vanities, so he will stand naked before me, hard, and then I devour him. When I am rimming him my face nuzzles one cheek of his ass and I bite down. He screams then moans then cums. This can happen in a bathroom, his office, my studio, a hotel room; it is a sex that is dispersed but not dislocated. The sex is always eroticized by the place (and vice versa). I come home to my partner his smell hair lean frame kindness proximity. Our bodies love or embrace or fuck or sleep. I look for a body; I reach down and place my hands on a jellyroll of my belly and pull on it. I grimace or wince or grin."